The company was began to provide a real-world, professional, helpful approach to clients with archaeological issues within their project, where clients could often feel bewildered.

We believe in treating every person, company, and project individually. We assess the appropriate strategy for each case, with the goal of minimising risk, delay and cost to your project. 

We also believe in training staff to the highest standard, so that tasks can be completed quickly and efficiently. Compromising quality and standards is a specious objective; there is no compromise for experience and proper training. Other companies will use labourers in archaeological fieldwork because they want to be seen to 'throw numbers' at projects; this is a highly inefficient alternative to proper training. Archaeology is specialist work, and someone with little or no training will take exponentially longer to properly complete their tasks than a skilled archaeologist. 

We also believe in fairness in the workplace, which matters because those who keep a happy and professional workforce, also tend to be better equipped to keep clients happy.