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Bespoke expert archaeological consulting and on-site archaeological services for all your archaeological and heritage issues throughout the UK:

  • Professional, no nonsense archaeological advice

  • Written scheme of investigation

  • Desk based assessment - Heritage Statement

  • Watching brief

  • Trial trench evaluation

  • Excavation - site strip and recording

  • Historic building recording levels 1-4

  • Geophysical survey


If you have submitted a planning application and been issued a condition for archaeological work, or if your application is not yet determined in planning consent and the proposed development area has been identified as having known archaeological and heritage significance, where potential remains are anticipated on your site; I provide the capabilities to get your construction, installation or renovation project through archaeological issues as smoothy as possible, on sites including brownfield and greenfield, Listed and Scheduled; you can be assured I will always ensure that your planning condition is discharged diligently, saving you money, time and stress. 






I provide dependable and honest advice to anyone seeking it, I produce Heritage Statements presenting clearly the information and the data on your site, identifying any adverse impacts within your site, and to the visual setting. I offer you the most reliable route to navigate archaeological planning issues



Using the latest technology, at affordable prices, to scan for archaeological remains, for locating the remains if present and targeting the archaeological mitigation as you move forward in your project. I cover any area size and location in the UK. 

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Conducting all the necessary archaeology on site, for the completion of archaeological investigations, analysis and reporting. Monitoring or excavation is the undertaking of archaeological fieldwork, to allow developments to sail through planning

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