Undertaking an archaeological Watching Brief, Cursus Archaeology will monitor groundworks within the specified development area. The digger, either JCB of 360, must be equipped with a toothless ditching/trenching bucket and the driver will be instructed to excavate in approximately 100mm level reductions at a time. This method will be required at all times when being monitored by the archaeologist, based on the requirements as laid out in the Written Scheme of Investigation and specified by the Council Archaeological Advisor, and is essential to be able to properly observe any buried remains which may be uncovered.

The mitigation within a Watching Brief includes the scope of investigation of archaeological features and deposits by manual excavation and recording within the scope of the observing archaeologist. If the amount of remains is significant and beyond this scope, then works will be temporarily halted altogether to reassess the mitigation strategy after consultation with all relevant parties, and a full excavation must be discharged before the development project may continue.