I am the Director and Project Consultant Jude Alexander Children, I have worked as a professional archaeologist for 20 years, on large and small scale projects throughout the UK including for Crossrail, Temple of Mithras and plague burials in the City of London. I have many diverse interests and skills, and I always seek new challenges to overcome. I am an Associate member of the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists. Cursus Archaeology was established in January 2015.

We offer a bespoke, professional but accessible service, to those who have not encountered archaeological issues in development before or who are experienced, I like to help clients to navigate challenges in planning, and pre-planning applications, and to explain in the necessary steps, methodologies and potential outcomes.

Pricing is clear and straightforward, and because the overheads are lower than County Council archaeological units and larger archaeological companies, I am able to provide value and keep costs sensible, proportionate and fully transparent.


CuArch also sources the best value sub-contractors, in for example artefacts and soil sample analysis, and geophysical surveying.