Archaeological and Heritage Consultation Services

Project Consultant Jude Children identifies and assesses risk and provides a mitigation strategy for potential archaeological issues early on in your project, in order to manage impacts upon it, enabling resources to be allocated in a planned and efficient manner, prior to the project stage to reduce impacts on your project cost and timeframe.

Desk Based Assessment

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Experienced researching forms the basis for archaeological Desk-Based Assessments (DBA’s) which can be necessary when more information is required to understand the potential impacts on the historic environment, and the development project. They can help to empower clients to anticipate requirements, and inform their project design. It can include a walkover survey and/or geophysical survey for an enhanced ability to predict outcomes. 

The assessment will inform clients as to the potential impacts of their proposed project on archaeology or heritage both existing on their site, or within its setting, and will then provide a recommendation of the appropriate archaeological programme of work, based on this assessment.

Heritage Impact Assessment

This type of assessment will assess the impact of proposals upon heritage assets (i.e. Listed buildings) such as ​impact on its setting, and visual impact assessment, and is more often undertaken for sites of known significance such as a Listed Building or Scheduled Monument. 

Heritage Statement

Heritage asset is an industry jargon term for anything of archaeological or historic value and importance such as Listed buildings, archaeological sites or Historic Parks and Gardens. This features more emphasis on assessing the significance of assets and will involve assessing impacts upon this significance as result of the client's proposal. It can be a more philosophical or considered approach, and takes into account things like value and meaning. 

Heritage Statements inform project design, anticipate planning issues, and recommend mitigation strategies. Cursus Archaeology's expertise will give you an advantage in anticipation of the planning process.